Steve Schnur, Electronic Arts

Worldwide Director, Electronic Arts Music Group
"Winifred is a gem within the world of composers. The beauty, depth and uniqeness of her compositions make her an obvious choice each and every time. Her talent is equal to that of her reliability and willingness to work with producers, directors and executives to insure spectacular results. I am positive that she has the talent to become a Grammy and Academy Award winning level composer!"

Didier Lord, Ubisoft

Worldwide Music Director, Ubisoft
“Winifred delivered a fantastic musical score as she provided exactly what we needed; in a perfect timeline, a music with a high emotional tone that contributed to the global experience. I'll be delighted to work with her again in a near future."

Duncan Smith, Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe

Senior Music Supervisor, Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe
"Winifred is a very gifted composer who I've had the pleasure of working with recently on LittleBigPlanet 3. She has a meticulous approach to every brief and always strives to fully understand the musical needs of the project. The care she takes over her productions, combined with her abundant talent, shines through every time."

James Marshall, PlayStation

Music Supervisor, Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe
"Winifred was an absolute pleasure to work with on Sackboy. She hit deadlines, produced excellent music and was gracious with revisions and feedback. Her experience with composition for games meant it was easy to communicate the direction which the music needed to take and her reinvention of Madonna’s Material Girl was a favourite of the team and the audience alike. Her original music was of a high quality and sure to become highlights of the franchise as a whole. Would absolutely work with Winifred again in a heartbeat."

Jeff Nachbaur, Warner Bros. Interactive

Producer, Warner Bros. Interactive
"I’ve now worked with Winifred several times. On Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, 2K brought her on as composer. On Speed Racer, my developer (Sidhe) recommended we bring her on the project for our very unique soundtrack. And then, when time came to find a composer for Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole, I could think of no one better suited to create the sound that we wanted… and after sharing a few samples of her work, the filmmakers / stakeholders agreed. Aside from being a fantastic composer, she’s also incredibly easy to work with… a complete win for any project."

Mark Yeend, Activision

Sound and Music Manager, Amaze Entertainment / Activision
"Our project was under a very tight deadline, and Winifred delivered high-quality orchestral compositions faster than any composer I've worked with. She sustained a breakneck pace until the project was complete, and her music was always exactly what we asked for. Her music definitely improved our game, setting a distinct tone for each game area. With almost no re-writes, Winifred's compositions pleased our team, our publisher, and the IP holder on top of that! Winifred is one of the most consistent professionals I've worked with."

Sam Player, Electronic Arts

Executive Producer, Electronic Arts / EA Maxis
"We are very excited about the caliber of music being included in SimAnimals. We needed the music to reflect the status and mood of the game and Winifred has nailed that with her score. As you move through the game, you will hear how your choices are affecting the forest through the music, whether that be upbeat and light when the forest is happy or dramatic and dark when the forest is not so happy."

Kenneth Young, Media Molecule

Head of Audio, Media Molecule
"Winifred's compositions for LittleBigPlanet 2 are fantastic. Her work not only met the requirements of a rather tricky brief, it totally surpassed whatever expectations I might have had and delivered something magical which contributes a great deal to players' experience when playing the game. Winifred is a very talented composer and performer, is a pleasure to work with and comes highly recommended."

Jean-Frederic Vachon, Behaviour Interactive

Head of Audio, Behaviour Interactive
"Winifred is one the best game composers in the industry. She's super creative, smart and efficient, and understands the needs of your project very quickly. The music she wrote on Jurassic World: Primal Ops fit our project to a T and made its world come alive the moment it was implemented. I had wanted to work with Winifred for many years and I'm glad I finally got the chance. I hope we get another opportunity soon."

Martin Capel, Ubisoft

Producer, Ubisoft
"Winifred joined Assassin’s Creed 3 Liberation at an advanced stage of production, and from this point she not only managed to deliver all the music requirements for the title within very tight deadlines, but delivered with them an award winning soundtrack! I can strongly recommend Winifred for any project’s music needs."

Aaron Gray, Activision

Associate Producer, Activision
"Winifred Phillips was a natural fit for this project! The music she created fit seamlessly into the game and played a vital role in helping create the perfect atmosphere of the Shrek® universe."

Marcus Fielding, Electronic Arts

Lead Producer, Electronic Arts Montreal
"Winifred's compositional agility and sheer musical talent for Spore Wii Hero was inspiring. The results could not have been more complementary of the franchise and genre of game, and helped deliver a Spore creature musical experience that will be memorable in the world of game music for many years to come."

Mathieu Lavoie, Behaviour Interactive

Audio Director, Behaviour Interactive
"Working with Winifred on Jurassic World Primal Ops was a real treat. Not only is she a classically trained composer and wrote amazing music that respected the style and lush orchestration from the movies franchise, but she is also a real expert when it come to video game music and interactive music. She quickly identified flaws and weakness in my initial music document and offered great solutions and work around. Her music made a huge difference in the overall quality of the player’s audio experience. I’m looking forward to work with her on another project!"

Michael Wilford, Twisted Pixel Games

CEO, Twisted Pixel Games
"Music is a big deal for us, especially for a game that relies so much on mood and emotions between characters. Before we even pitched the idea to Microsoft we picked out Winifred Phillips, an award-winning composer behind many other great titles, including God of War. We had worked with her before and knew she had the perfect sensibility for the mood we were going for, and she created an excellent jazz-influenced soundtrack that hit the nail on the head."

Robi Kauker, Electronic Arts

Audio Director, Electronic Arts / EA Maxis
"Our goal was to give a unique and sophisticated voice to the game. Drawing inspiration from pieces like Prokofiev’s Peter and The Wolf, we found the context of the game gave us plenty of opportunity for the timelessness of the orchestra’s instruments and the rich range of Winifred’s compositions."

Pat Phelan, Sumo Digital Ltd

Studio Audio Director, Sumo Digital Ltd
"First class composer. Efficient, knowledgeable, collaborative. Very highly recommended."

Jay Waters, Sumo Digital

Lead Audio, Sumo Digital
"Winifred is a wonderful composer to work with. She has an innate ability to know exactly what you need and turns around top quality mixes at every step of the process. Her musical knowledge and compositional artistry are exemplary, meaning that whatever crazy concoction of genres we happened to dream up, she not only blew us away with, but often won awards in the process! And in terms of LittleBigPlanet, Winifred is part of its very fabric, having both a mastery of its unique interactive music system, as well as a perfect understanding of its musical aesthetic. I very much look forward to future collaborations!"

Cordy Rierson, Collective Studios

Producer, Collective Studios / Double Helix Games
"When we heard Winifred’s music, we knew she was the one to bring The Da Vinci Code™ alive with inspiring and innovative sound. Her music and vocals provided vision and helped shape a true one of a kind gaming experience."

Elitsa Alexandrova, Ubisoft

Audio Lead, Ubisoft Sofia
"Winifred has fantastic creativity. Her work is exceptionally rapid and accurate. She invested all her energy to complete the project on time. She has very strong composer skills, knowledge of various musical styles and genres, and she uses a large library of music tools."

Alastair Lindsay, Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe

Music Manager, Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe
"Winifred has produced outstanding music compositions that fulfilled the brief perfectly. Her understanding of interactive music is spot-on which made the whole process very easy. I can highly recommend her."

Josh Bear, Twisted Pixel Games

COO / Director, Twisted Pixel Games
"Winifred is not only a great composer but she is a great person. I love the sound that Winifred brings to her game compositions…lots of instrument layering and great vocals. She is passionate about her work and really gives each game she works on its own personality. I knew she would be perfect for The Maw, and I think her soundtrack is incredible for the game."

Martin Hewett, Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe

Senior Music Supervisor, Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe
"It was a pleasure to work with Winifred and the music created for LittleBigPlanet 2 was excellent. The interactive music brief was met and the final music created quickly. It was a big success and a great experience."

JD Walton, Collective Studios / Double Helix Games

Audio Director, Collective Studios / Double Helix Games
"Winifred's score is the perfect accompaniment to the game. Her melodic themes and haunting choral arrangements provide a wonderful backdrop to The Da Vinci Code™"

Chadd Portwine, High Voltage Softwaret Europe

Audio Director, High Voltage Software
"I'm most happy with the music and its implementation. Winifred Phillips was the composer, and what an amazing job she did."

Andy Satterthwaite, Sidhe Interactive

Producer/Designer, PikPok Games / Sidhe Interactive
"Winifred is awesome! She turned my vague and insane ramblings into music which was both exactly what I wanted and better than I ever imagined – and in almost no time at all. Can’t wait to work with her again."