The Music of Jurassic World Primal Ops
Mark Smith, Game Chronicles – When it comes to video games, there are only a handful of composers I get excited for, and Winifred Phillips is one of them... Stirs all the emotions I had the first time I saw the T-Rex in the original film back in the 90s!... The composition just oozes with Jurassic Park flavor thanks to a solid core of "dino DNA" infused into every track!

Steven A. Kennedy, Film Score Monthly – A thematic, action-heavy score that recalls musical elements of the long-running franchise... Winifred Phillips crafts for Primal Ops a solid, thematic score with welcome nods to the music of the Jurassic Park franchise, not to mention a few other homages along the way... a listening experience that's both fun and sophisticated!

Randall D. Larson, BuySoundtrax – Video game composer extraordinaire Winifred Phillips has composed an exciting score for the game!... This is a full-on action score that breathes with the exotic sounds of the jungle and the excitement and danger of the creatures that roam within it... effectively embracing the gameplay with a spirited momentum and drive!

Darren Rea, Sci-Fi Online – Phillips has finely crafted a score that not only works wonderfully in the game to provide tension and atmosphere, but it also works as an incredible standalone collection of strong themes... An intense, engaging score that's actually better than a few of the Jurassic Park movie soundtracks!

Pete Simons, Synchrotones – A noble theme for strings and horns that's as beautiful as anything from the whole "Jurassic" franchise... Winifred Phillips' score for the video game "Jurassic World: Primal Ops" is effective and well orchestrated!!

Conrado Xalabarder, MundoBSO – Emphatic, dynamic and also evocative music. It is varied in themes and stands out for its energetic, epic main theme!

Jim Paterson, mfiles – Fitting perfectly within the existing Jurassic sound world, and yet providing a distinctive "Primal Ops" score which is key to providing game players with a unique and truly immersive experience. Yet another franchise hit from this versatile composer!

The Music of Sackboy: A Big Adventure
Tom Marks, IGN – A huge part of Sackboy's charm comes from its excellent use of music... Incredible music!

Mike Epstein, GameSpot – The game has a great soundtrack to keep you moving. Each level's catchy, upbeat track feels good to jump along to… Great music!

Jeff Cork, Game Informer – The soundtrack is exceptional... spectacular soundtrack!

Mike Fahey, Kotaku – Excellent music. Seriously, the soundtrack on this game is wonderful... Outstanding music!

Gieson Cacho, Mercury News – Backing up the whole game is a cheery soundtrack that’s also woven into the best stages… It’s brilliant mix of melody and game design.

Marty Sliva, Escapist Magazine – An unexpected highlight in the game comes in how its music is not only a fantastic accompaniment to the creative levels, but oftentimes an integral part of them... Incredible use of music!

Eric Hunter, Gaming Nexus – I cannot express enough how delightful the music in Sackboy is... Astounding soundtrack!

Chris White, GodIsAGeek – Superb… the music is a lovely touch to a rich and fulfilling adventure!

Chandler Wood, – The entire Sackboy soundtrack is a standout affair; a melodic treat for the ears that wraps every single level in trappings of happiness!

The Music of Spyder
Harold Goldberg, The Washington Post – A ’60s spy movie-inspired soundtrack (that includes a captivating bossa nova ditty) sets the mood.

David Price, Macworld UK – The music is brilliantly atmospheric.

AppUnwrapper – There's a great spy soundtrack!

Chris Hyde, – Rousing intro score and sylish spy tunes!

Kate Remington, WSHU Music Respawn – The perfect '60s and early '70s inspired soundtrack!

Victor Broden, Inside Unreal/The Unreal Engine – I love the music. It immediately pulls you into the atmosphere.

The Music of The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes
Shaun Jooste, Air Entertainment – An outstanding fantasy soundtrack... it's the amazing soundtrack that really stands out.

Kyle, Critical Damage – The music fits the bill, being wonderfully fantasy and well matched with the environments to really drive the adventuring immersion.

Sergio Grazzini, – The soundtrack is well made, with good musical pieces.

The Music of Scraper: First Strike
Gabriel Moss, UploadVR – Atmospheric and engaging soundtrack!  Beautifully orchestrated soundtrack by Winifred Phillips. Each piece is very well done…ambient and mysterious with a sci-fi tinge…the atmospheric soundtrack stands out.

Simon Smith, Higher Plain Music – Winifred Phillips has never been one to shy away from epic orchestral scores that evoke a sense of grandeur, rising stakes, patriotism and adrenaline…the results are a cinematic and climactic experience… It would fit right alongside any huge sci-fi blockbuster and works as a standalone piece too – excellent.

Jim Paterson, MFiles – The scoring consists of an orchestral foundation of strings and brass, particularly in the heroic title track, some of the earlier tracks and the climactic finale... Phillips' score will add significantly to the game experience.

Pete Simons, Synchrotones' Soundtrack Reviews – Big full-bodied action score!


The Music of Homefront: The Revolution
David Soriano, IGN Spain – Effective soundtrack that knows how to mix strings and percussion to create songs that keep us in tension and do not make us forget that we are a target.

Robert Workman, Marooners' Rock – A great collection of war based tunes.

Aidan Bates, invision Community – The music in the game is very fitting to the themes of resistance.

Leigh Walker, Xbox Sector – Music and ambience is spot on.

Neil Bolt, Playstation Universe – Makes you truly feel like the underdog giving the big bad a bloody nose. Echoes of the future parts of the Terminator films (notably in the soundtrack).

Alvaro Castellano, 3DJuegos – Music fulfills its mission… effective… meticulous production values.

Lee Bradley, Xbox Achievements – Music, and the voice acting, is solid.


The Music of Total War Battles: Kingdom
Matt Sainsbury, – The music is brilliant!

Marc Marasigan, – Top-notch with epic background music that’s to be expected of a Total War game!


The Music of Call of Champions
Randall D. Larson, BuySoundtrax – Powerfully muscular and dynamically produced, while anchored by a heroically anthemic primary theme.

Andrew Overfield, The Sound Architect – Battles are happening and the stabbing staccato of the low percussion and electric guitar has me banging my head...gave me John Williams-type battle expectations, which being compared to the maestro can never be that bad at all!

Anthony Dows, EGMnow – Very cinematic... sure to keep you focused in gameplay and entertained at the same time... a soundtrack full of suspense and action in each beat!


The Music of Clash of Kings
Randall D. Larson, BuySoundtrax – Superbly immersive and dimensional, with vigorous orchestrations, massive choirs, and reverberant drums that really drive the music with power and strength.


The Music of LittleBigPlanet 3
Alexa Ray Corriea, GameSpot – Magnificently crafted soundtrack! Background music perfectly sets ambience and tone, adds to the playfulness of gameplay.

Lucy O'Brien, IGN – Killer soundtrack!

Matt Walker, Cheat Code Central – (The music) is where things truly shine…the winner here has got to be the musical scores of each level. They are unique in their own right and draw you in with familiarity and appropriate musicality…This is the best yet in the series.

Sammy Barker, Push Square – The soundtrack's the real star of the show.

Angus Deacon, NZGamer – One of the best soundtracks I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to in a game - ranging from recognisable artists through to atmospheric tracks that suit the environments you’re in.

Jeff Bakalar, CNETs – Great music!

Josh Langford, PSNation – The music in the series has always been excellent and LittleBigPlanet 3 upholds that tradition quite well. Everything works in terms of setting the mood and giving the levels just the right atmosphere.

Matthew Cawley, Console Domination – A perfect soundtrack.

Daniel Pepper, Push Start Play – The soundtrack and the audio is easily the best in the franchise in my opinion and is in fact my soundtrack of the year… Perfection!

Andrei Dobra, Softpedia – The soundtrack is utterly delightful, complementing the action at practically all times. Great soundtrack!

Florian Velter, JeuxActu – The soundtrack is great!

Stephen Riach, Game Over Online – The soundtrack is full of whimsy.

Stefan Alexander, GamingTrend – Brilliant music!

January Wöbbeking, 4Players – The successful soundtrack shifts from bouncy to dramatic pieces.

Jose Luis Gonzalez, LaPS4 – Fun and lively songs…Overall, the music and sound are of high quality.

Ann Hosler, – Great soundtrack!

Alvaro Castilian, 3D Juegos – The music has the usual dose of imaginative compositions… it has a varied score that nicely captures the flavor of each level.

Dominik Jersabeck, Shinigaming – Marvelous soundtrack!

Ashley Underwood, Telkom Gaming – The music is straight out of the LittleBigPlanet book of fame with its fresh and ultimately “smiley” music piercing through.

Chad Sapieha, Common Sense Media – Undeniably uplifting selection of music.

Jozef Kulik, VGFirst – The quirky soundtrack you’ve come to expect from the series returns…a soundtrack packed with character.

Alex V, New Game Network – The music is excellent in style and composition.

Bryan Boshart, We The Nerdy – The soundtrack is excellent. Each track feels perfectly designed for the level it appears in, and is the best soundtrack since the original.

GAMERSYDE – Unforgettable music!

Gamers Honest Truth – The music is just as eclectic, indie, and as catchy as ever.

Robert Workman, Retro Magazine – Outstanding music!

Bracken – Music selection or design is nearly perfect for each and every level.

Marco Cocomello, Tech Girl – The soundtrack is the best in the series.

Simon Bull, The Northern Echo – Audio is a big part of LBP’s appeal and throughout the adventure there is always a catchy song or tune playing.


The Music of Assassin's Creed Liberation
Robert Workman, GameZone – The music is superb.

Lucas Smith, Piki Geek – The soundtrack will go down as one of the year's best.

Zac Grubb, Hard Reset – The soundtrack of the game is spectacular, unlike any other Assassin's Creed title and deeply influenced by both the time and setting of the game. Five Stars out of Five.

Greg Miller, IGN – The soundtrack is sweeping.

Jen Bosier, Artastic Gaming – Phillips has created, without doubt, one of the greatest soundtracks in the franchise. I feel comfortable saying that with Liberation, Winifred Phillips has not only created a distinct, moving soundtrack for the game, but she has raised the bar considerably for the franchise on the whole. This may very well be one of the best soundtracks of 2012. Our rating: A+

Kevin Dunsmore, GameSector – The game has a rousing score that's a joy to listen to.

Sammy Barker, Push Square – The title's complemented by a sweeping score with some truly memorable motifs.

Steven Kennedy, Cinemusical – Filled with the sort of music Phillips is superb at writing with great forward motion and beautiful primary lines.

Jason Lord, Alpha Omega Radio – Winifred Phillips has done a phenomenal job composing this series of well thought out pieces... The service to faithful action lovers and respectable nods to the time period in which the game takes place are all evident in this wonderfully crafted bundle of music.

Brian P Rubin, Machinima Inside Gaming Daily – High quality.

Tony Hsieh, Gaming Examiner – The soundtrack is fantastic as well. It's big, it's sweeping.

Randall Larson, BuySoundtrax – Phillips has created a potent and captivating work that may well be her most exciting and dynamic score to date. Phillips creates a pulse-pounding drive for gameplay... she enlivens the ancient world of the game with a delightful elegance and lots of intriguing instrumentation... This is a fine score and one that even non-gamers should applaud for its cinematic dynamic and immersive drive.

Jasper Bekema, The Vita Lounge – Excellent music.

Max Duncan H, The Logbook Project – This soundtrack is awesome... as an ASSASSIN'S CREED soundtrack, this succeeds gloriously.

Neil Kapit, GameDynamo – Beautiful music.

Carlos Leiva, Vandal Online – Quality soundtrack.

Adam Ghiggino, Rocket Chainsaw – The music is all very nicely orchestrated and fits the period and mood well.

Lee Garbutt, – In terms of music, each of the game's three locations have their own suitable background music, and the original compositions fit well with the action while still keeping in the same sort of musical style as previous games in the series.

Timothy Nunes, PSU PlayStation Universe – The icing on this audible cake is the soundtrack that's almost perfectly underlaid throughout the entire game. New Orleans sports a traditional score echoing the success of the soundtrack from popular movie series Pirates of the Carribean with a beautiful cello lead, and the Bayou recedes to a more calm background that truly accentuates the natural sounds of the swamp.

Capsule Computers – Quite enjoyable. The soundtrack is nice to listen to.

Gordon Bryant, gamrReview – The dialogue is well written, voice acting top notch, and the score beautiful.

Jesus Bella, 3D Juegos – Varied and brilliant melodies.

Cesar Otero, MeriStation – We have tracks of action for fighting, tribal percussion for when we are slaves, pompous pieces for when we walk around dressed as a lady, always using the sound of period instruments from violins and Irish flutes, African banjos and Italian mandolins that immediately take us back to that time, with a predominance in the technical aspect of electronics, mixed with orchestral elements to expand the tone and dimension.

Carlos Leira, Vandal Online – Quality soundtrack.

Oliver Ittensohn, GSoundtracks – The score to Assassin's Creed: Liberation is a fine effort in every respect and one that deserves the attention of game music enthusiasts. It enriches the musical landscape of the series in an exciting and enjoyable way: it is highly recommended to fans of the franchise.

Nicholas Laborde, – The score is perfect and befitting of all that you encounter.

Andy Corrigan, – Liberation also features one awesome soundtrack... When you make your strike on a victim, and the old-fashioned fuzz are alerted, the music that kicks in makes you feel like you're in for a fight.

Ben Dutka, PSX Extreme – Good music.

Vincent Deshaies, Game Focus – Great work by the composer.


The Music of LittleBigPlanet 2: Toy Story
Mark Morton, Soundtracks Examiner – Dive into Andy’s toy box and have some fun with Winifred Phillips... Phillips adds Disney/Pixar touch to PlayStation 3 game... I was amazed by how genuine the music sounds... effortless.

Jeremy Hill, Gamertell – The music accompanying LittleBigPlanet 2’s Toy Story DLC sure is swell. A sort of fusion between the stylings of LittleBigPlanet and Toy Story... Even without LBP 2 backing it up, these songs can stand on their own... you’re going to enjoy the music.

Steven A. Kennedy, Film Score Monthly – Fascinating... The contrasting styles here make for stellar examples of Phillips' thematic approach.

Patrick Gann, Original Sound Version – New work from one of my favorite composers, Ms. Winifred Phillips... booming, loud and fun... Winifred Phillips is blazing a trail as one of the few female game composers in the (wild) West.

Juanjo Ramos, Criticas De Cine – Musical pieces that add an extra layer of pure fun. Rating: 4 / 5.

Simon Smith, Higher Plain Music – Fantastically varied themes...Utterly charming and disarming it’ll have you beaming in no time.

Marcos Gaspar, Rhythmroo.coms – It's most definitely a treat for the ears... an excellent production of work from Winifred Phillips.


The Music of Legend of the Guardians
Mark Morton, The Examiner – I have not experienced a video game soundtrack this atmospherically elegant since the MYST series. Five stars out of five.

Oscar Flores, – Enjoyable, original, and full of well developed and orchestrated musical motifs, Phillips music easily surpasses the film’s own score in terms of its mystical and emotional closeness to the storyline, resulting in one of this year’s best scores for a video game.

Jeff Hall, ScreenSounds – Winifred is of course responsible for some of the most entertaining and inventive game music of recent times. Phillips has achieved quite an epic cinematic sound with her music for Legend of the Guardians. I was very much entertained and swept along by the sheer scope of the score.

Steven Kennedy, Film Score Monthly – Phillips drives her music forward in grand orchestral fashion. There’s a rhythmic complexity in much of the percussion that makes for some stellar action cues. This is another fine effort from Phillips.

Tom Hoover, ScoreNotes – Epic and intimate at the same time, Winifred's music for Legend of the Guardians soars to claim high marks. Offers emotion, originality, and a compelling choral aspect that will be sure to immerse you in this world.

Tyler Schmahl, GameTunes – A thoroughly engaging musical journey. Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole: The Soundtrack is a stellar score from an industry veteran and deserves to be in every game music collection.

Paul Stevelmans, Score Filmmuziek Magazine – A wonderful theme that returns several times. Strong action, quiet moments and a touch of tension. Phillips wraps things in an attractive package. Those who are interested in the music of The Lord of The Rings and Narnia will enjoy this score.

Oliver Ittensohn, GSoundtracks – The score to Legend of the Guardians is an orchestrally rich, melodically powerful and rhythmically sound composition. It’s a rewarding listen.

Kyle Ackerman, Frictionless Insight – Heavy on percussion and expansive choral declarations, this music secretes fantasy-themed battles from every pore. I recommend it as a purchase for anyone in need of tracks steeped in entrails resulting from combat between fantastic creatures. Four out of five stars.

Patrick Gann, Original Sound Version – A rich, textured orchestral score. The recording quality and orchestral performance are top-notch. Winifred Phillips proves she can do both long-form melodies and short, punch-like orchestral cues. Impressive.

Mark R. Hasan, KQEK – Cohesive work that follows a steady narrative. A thematic line that rises and descends like one of Ennio Morricone’s moody harmonic clouds. Sharp orchestrations ensure every nuance is clearly heard. Review Rating: Excellent.

Marcos Gaspar, Rhythmroo – Imaginative and magnificent style. A whirlwind of emotions and adventure. A vigorous powerhouse of sound. A soundtrack of exceptional and master-craft works.

Marius Masalar, Tracksounds – A very attractive piece of music with swirling harp arpeggios and soft strings beneath the haunting vocals. Uplifting harmonic progressions keep our chins up and hearts soaring. Gorgeous woodwind solos weaving in and out are a treat to listen to.

Juan Ramos, Criticas De Cine – Phillips has created one elaborate score, very classic in its conception, that perfectly recreates the magical, historical atmosphere with many passages of epic action and great spectacle. The effort of the composer is just remarkable. Four out of five stars.

Simon Smith, Higher Plain Music – Legend of the Guardians is full on cinematic treats for the ears from start to finish. The score feels like an epic journey in itself. A must have for any cinematic, orchestrated or dramatic music lover.

Randall Larson, BuySoundtrax – An effervescent atmosphere that suits the fantasy adventure. The solo singer is contrasted with the chanting roar of a full choir which aggressively represents the ancient evil. The music serves up a mythic conflict as right battles wrong.

Michael Naumenko, Game-OST – An exceedingly high quality work.

Andy Hoover, Nintendojo – The music is suitably epic while also surprisingly subdued in all the right places, making for a satisfyingly dynamic soundtrack.

Brian Dumlao, – The musical score is exactly what one would expect from a fantasy film. Fully orchestrated and sounding like something from The Lord of the Rings soundtrack, it perfectly captures the tone of the scenes.

Conrado Xalabarder, MundoBSO – Strong creation in which the composer recreates a magical, epic, but also mysterious atmosphere. The aspirations are fulfilled amply. A very solid work! Four out of five stars.


The Music of Spore Hero
Tony Capri, Cheat Code Central – The music is incredibly nuanced and powerful. 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Kyle Ackerman, Frictionless Insight – It should accompany adventures on alien worlds. In the same category as the music from Warcraft III. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Randall Larson, BuySoundtrax – Sparkling musical colors and clever textures... managing to be as tongue in cheek as they are dramatically exciting.

Mark Oakley, Den of Geek – Reminded me of Thomas Newman’s work on the Road to Perdition. A supremely confident piece of work. Four out of five stars.

Patrick Gann, Original Sound Version – The musical prowess is just through the roof. It’s not often a game gets a score quite this good.

Dan Pearson, Wonderwallweb – The music suits the alien worlds well. Feels like a well written movie score. A great soundtrack. 9.0.

David Dueck, Suite 101 – An adept and dexterous musical romp... with a range of sounds not heard in most game scores (or TV & film scores, for that matter).

Mark R. Hasan, KQEK – The writing is first-rate, as are the sharp orchestrations. Reminiscent of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring. Review Rating: Excellent.

Jason Van Horn, The Hachiko – Like stepping through Alice’s window into a Wonderland of musical amazement. A definite must own. Four out of five stars.

Jeremy Hill, GamerTell – Drips of complexity and style. Sets a high bar that other videogame composers should aspire to reach. Rating: 95 out of 100.


The Music of SimAnimals
Kyle Ackerman, Frictionless Insight – Brilliant game music. As a separate soundtrack, it leaves no question that it is the product of a brilliant musician.

Jen Johan, Film Intuition – A worthwhile and engaging listen that makes you appreciate the art of composing on a new level - Phillips' impressive work is quite eye-opening and feels fresh throughout. Highly recommended.

Pasya, Game-OST – Magical... sophisticated... A wonderful musical journey, that is full of delights.

Mark Oakley, Den of Geek! – Philips shows a side of her composing armoury that is at once disturbing and utterly thrilling... a very satisfying collection of evocative compositions.

Marcos Gaspar, VGTO! Reviews – A must listen… spectacular… Winifred Phillips has done amazing pieces in the past, and this soundtrack is another masterpiece to add to her excellent repertoire of music. An excellent addition to any collection.

Orion MK3, VGM Rush – Jazzy colors straight out of Gershwin. The sound is a delight... the pastoral jazz fusion that forms the majority of the music is involving and perfect for its setting. 9/10.

Michael Pascua, The Celebrity Cafe – Each track immediately immerses the listener into a magical world where everything is possible.... Movies like Bambi and A Bug's Life come to mind when listening. Reviewer's Rating: 9.5.

Steven A. Kennedy, Cinemusical – Beautiful thematic writing and a gentle sound all gorgeously orchestrated. Fans of (Elmer) Bernstein and Rachel Portman’s child-like scores will find much to admire in this music... quite sophisticated in its style and variety.

Jorne Tillnes, Soundtrack Geek – Perfectly put together in a rare mix that will put a smile on your face... I highly recommend the SimAnimals video game score to soundtrack fans and video game fans alike. Geek Score: 8.5.

David Abraham Dueck, – Utterly delightful score to the latest game in the Sim franchise, SimAnimals...The prospect of playing any game while listening to this album is a pleasant one indeed. Recommended.

Jud Hudson, – One of the most beautiful soundtracks I’ve listened to yet. I wasn’t familiar with Ms. Phillips' work, but now I’ll be on the lookout for any future work from her.

Adam Corn, Soundtrack Central – A varied, consistently enjoyable instrumental album that radiates colors most game soundtracks don't even include in their spectrum.

Connor, SIMplifyReviews – The SimAnimals soundtrack is certainly a fantastic addition...I get a picture of Disney's Narnia films in my head... 4.5 stars.

Tom Hoover, – A warm, atmospheric score... This is very much a score that pays attention to detail... There is a uniqueness about this soundtrack that should be sought out and appreciated.

Zach Freeman, Blogger News Network – This is a truly beautiful score. In fact, the score for SimAnimals is easily on par with any animated feature film score, establishing strong themes and creating moments of surprising emotional depth.

Jayson Napolitano, Original Sound Version – I didn’t realize that Phillips was such a diverse artist… Great music… most impressive.

Thomas Glorieux, – Refreshing and inspiring... You can even hear some Jerry Goldsmith (Legend) in the strings and wondrous flutes... Diverse and playful... (with) Phillip Glass wonder... dream like quality Thomas Newman... Charming and effective.

Mark R. Hasan, KQEK – An amiable adventure. Most of the cues transform into different moods... an aspect that gives the album a strong dramatic drive within the parameters of a fanciful adventure. Review rating: Excellent.

Randall Larson, BuySoundtrax – A lush and vibrant musical experience, vividly acoustic and enchanting. Phillips' score encompasses a Disneyesque world of delightful, bubbly festive sound.

Simon Smith, Higher Plains Music – Lush orchestral soundscapes... Winifred Phillips has created a soundtrack that keeps the essence of Sims music intact with its magical melodrama and lush production but she's also moved it into a world that gives it maturity.

Jeremy Hill, GamerTell – This is a wonderful soundtrack worthy of critical acclaim. Two Thumbs Up, 90/100, Four stars out of five.


The Music of The Maw
Erik Brudvig, IGN – The soundtrack is excellent and fits the feel of the game perfectly. A wonderful soundtrack! 9.0.

J. Betkey, Videogame2Play – With its very exquisite score I found myself attacking objects to the beat of the music with great amusement!

Josh Miller-Watt, – Brilliant. The game has widely-varied tracks ranging from a tribal rhythm with a sort of funk bass to a classic doo-wop track with a sci-fi theremin... Excellent music.

Cajun Chicken, News for Gamers – The soundtrack is excellent... quite a funny soundtrack... fits the game perfectly with its wacky vein of comedy.

Andy Jackson, Monstervine – Impressive... The jaunty, upbeat tunes complement the cheery visual presentation with great accuracy and precision as well as invoking a sense of joyfulness rarely found outside of the general field of narcotics and kittens.

Rebecca Wigandt, GrrlGamer – A varied soundtrack inspired by the 1940s and 50s sci-fi kitch sound... there's an originality and concise understanding of theme that shows (Winifred Phillips is) really hitting her stride.

Frag Monger, 360 Rant Rave – Sound in The Maw is equally impressive - especially the original music. It's whimsical and well varied, and lends just the right feel to each level of the game.

Leigh Bain, Game Focus – Music was a surprising treat. Each level has its own soundtrack that is quirky, fun and entertaining to listen to. Fantastic, quirky soundtrack! 9.0.

Eddie R. Inzauto, Game Crush – A score that sounds as close to semi-humanoid alien pop music as I could possibly imagine… perfectly matched with the gameplay.

Dan Adams, The Gamer's Hub – The sound of the game has a quirky soundtrack to it and could be compared to the likes of scores of Danny Elfman.


The Music of Speed Racer
Chris Matel, Gamershell – Exceptional! An aurally enthralling soundtrack.

Benjamin Ortiz, Dreamstation – (The music) does a wonderful job of matching the fast paced racing action of the game and might even make you break out your glow sticks and dance.

GameMusicNow – The overall style of the Speed Racer video game soundtrack can be described as a techno mash hit by an orchestra of sound and energy.

Jayson Napolitano, Destructoid – I immediately took notice of the catchy, futuristic electro-Hollywood soundscape that dominates the game. The score combines rock, electronic and orchestral elements into something that is futuristic and hip.

Christopher Coleman, Tracksounds – Music at the Sound of Speed - a mindblowing, hair-raising, psychoaural, musical hallucinogen... The player's envelopment into Speed Racer: The Videogame is made absolutely complete by the vibrant score.

Sam Bishop, IGN – Driving, aggressive sounding electronica... nice stuff!

Randall Larson, BuySoundtrax – A high-octane, fast-moving, rollercoaster of a score that keeps the adrenaline pumping and the accelerator charging.

Evan Campbell, Nintendojo.coms – The soundtrack explores a variety of genres to generate futuristic-like offerings. The beats fit well with the racing and add to the speed and intensity of each race, with thumps that bang to your heartbeat.

Eldude, – Very inspiring super hero type music!

Liam Pritchard, AceGamez – The soundtrack serves up a fine collection of dance style beats that fit the onscreen action to a tee.


The Music of Shrek the Third
Trevor, Game-Boyz – The soundtrack adds to the intensity and excitement of the game. It blends in very nicely with the on-screen action and some of the tunes are very memorable as I found myself humming some of them well after extended time playing.

Mark Smith, Game Chronicles – The soundtrack for Shrek the Third is perfect, full of fantasy and magical charm!

Ron Burke, Gaming Trend – The soundtrack for the game does a fantastic job of recreating the moving score from the movies, giving the cutscenes and gameplay a bit more movie tie-in authenticity.

Ricky Tucker, Game Vortex – I really enjoyed the soundtrack. It has a jazzy, upbeat feel that matches the mood of the movie and each level.

Dakota Grabowski, GameZone – Superb – it ties in with the movie perfectly. The music creates a new level of authenticity for the game.

Jeremy Peeples, Video Game Pub – The whimsical music is rich, fits the brightly-colored storybook land, and is exciting to listen to!

Alexandru Stanescu, Softpedia Game Reviews – The soundtrack is brilliant!

Anthony Chambers, The Game Feed – The music of the game is very charming which gives the game great ambiance.

Joshua Hyles, Console Gameworld – The soundtrack is poppy and adds to the festive feel of it all.

Sara Earl, Game Vortex – The music and sounds are fun in Shrek the Third. The levels all have different music depending on where you're at, and the music just sounds like it belongs in that area.


The Music of The Da Vinci Code
Juan Castro, IGN – It's the right kind of music... moody, atmospheric and decidedly creepy.

Frank Ling, GamerNode – The game's score is haunting, ever-present. Love the soundtrack. Memories of Tomb Raider.

Will Stanley, Deeko – The music is a fantastic, orchestral score that really complements the subject and content of the game. Movie quality soundtrack!

Andrew Macarthy, Ferrago – The accompanying musical score does a brilliant job in capturing the eerie and mysterious mood. It twinkles away quietly, before breaking out into a suspenseful chorus... the atmosphere and tension that it brings is definitely affecting.

Frank N., Da Game Boyz – I found that the game really excelled in its accompanying musical score and does a brilliant job in capturing the eerie and mysterious mood of the unfolding story. It has flair worthy of a great blockbuster movie.

PC GameZone – The orchestral, often frightening score helps set the atmosphere, which I've always said is imperative to any movie-based game. The epic soundtrack is in all honesty top-notch. Superb music.

Jonathan Fildes, BBC News – The accompanying music lends a suitably ethereal atmosphere to proceedings. Sound: 9 out of 10.

Jeff Hall, ScreenSounds – A fine piece of contemporary action scoring. That's not to say that Phillips doesn't provide beautiful moments of liturgical scoring. Much of the music is indeed propulsive, with some pretty menacing choir-driven moments.

Angelina Sandoval, PS2 GameZone – The game's score is wonderfully appropriate to the theme and feel of the book and movie and it's wonderfully cinematic at all the right moments... sets the mood perfectly.

Gordin Alpin, Quandary – The music is excellent, suitably dark and soaring where appropriate and subtle yet menacing at other times.

Tony Porter, Music4Games – Any time you hear choirs you think of the spiritual. Yet (the Da Vinci Code game music)’s underlying brooding nature made me feel there was more going on. The music was so ominous that it started appearing in my dreams.

Jack Allin, Adventure Gamers – The music is excellent, with choirs and orchestras setting just the right atmosphere for the game. Great music!

Chris Freiberg, IDSNews – The pieces on the soundtrack are classical, almost monastic church music, which is especially fitting to the mood.

Becky Young, Global Gaming League – Right out of the box, the music in the "Da Vinci Code" stole the show! The music brings you directly into the well known story of "The Da Vinci Code" and adds an element of mystery.


The Music of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Juan Castro, IGN – A really good soundtrack. Music sounds moody and atmospheric where it should. Same goes for the oddball tunes within the factory. The music sounds very Danny Elfman-like.

Matt Litten, Bonus Stage – I absolutely loved the soundtrack with its almost theme park-esque tones and suitably dramatic scores at just the proper moments... I found the game to be a joy to listen to. Superb score.

Natalie Romano, Xbox GameZone – It's the game's original score that wins big points here. It certainly is as good as the Danny Elfman score from the film and it certainly fits the game's style excellently... beautifully cinematic original score.

Joanne Tang, USA Today – Light and fun. The musical score is done well.

Leyla, Thumb Bandits – Fabulous soundtrack... quirky and entertaining and at times quite spooky and dark.

Nate Ahearn, TeamXbox – Musical compositions by Winifred Phillips are excellent and deliver the type of moody and atmospheric style aural offerings where appropriate and fun and uplifting where it suits the game. The soundtrack is very nicely crafted.

Demetris Christodoulides, Score Magacine – Winifred Phillips is the latest jewel arisen from the field of music for videogames. Her work in the game "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" shows us a composer of enormous talent.

Louis Bedigian, PS2 GameZone – (Winifred Phillips is) a musical genius. Her delightful, orchestral soundtrack turned "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" into a world of musical amazement.

Chris Wilson, Next Level Gaming – The soundtrack couldn't fit the game any better if they tried. It provides the perfect atmosphere, and the music really stands out. The game definitely provides one of the better audio experiences in a video game on the market today.

Cyndy Threadgill, Console Gameworld – The music orchestration sounds straight out of the movie and fits with Tim Burton's terrifically twisted vision.

Aaron Dunlap, Gaming Horizon – The music is as inspired as it is in the movie. A great score.


The Music of God of War
Spence D., IGN – In the case of Phillips, God of War marks her first foray into the realm of video game composition. Phillips expertly manipulated her voice to create the illusion of a full vocal chorus.

Eurogamer – A beautifully understated and dramatic score that ebbs and flows like the best movies.

Don Lee, Digital Pro Sound – While this was Phillips' video game debut, she handled the pressure and created a captivating soundtrack that works to enhance the game's action as well as the overall theme of the environment.

Redeema, DreamStation – As far as the music in God of War is concerned, it sounds like it came from a big budget Hollywood movie. The score is fantastic, and is a huge contribution to the feel of the game.

Jeff Haynes, GameOver – A beautifully scored soundtrack that should be in a movie. Here you have music that perfectly matches the tone and the in-game action.

Peter Skerritt, Game Plasma – Perhaps the most impressive aspect of God of War is the music. The soundtrack captures the feel of what you might expect from a game involving Greek mythology, adding lots of choral elements and varying moods.

Randall Larson, Cinescape Magazines – (Phillips is a) goddess of music!

David Doel, CV Games – Music is so well composed that it could have been placed in a major motion picture and be nominated for an Oscar.

Mike Griffin, Play Magazine – Winifred Phillips busts into gaming in grand fashion, blessing one of the year’s finest titles, God of War, with scintillating orchestral tracks, incorporating her ethereal music and vocals.

Daniel Phillips, Inside Gamer Online – The scoring is wonderful, and deserving of a Hollywood epic... nothing short of breathtaking.

Alex Navarro, Game Spot – The orchestral score is simply one of the best ever put onto a console game... it's just phenomenal stuff!

Raymond M. Padilla, Gamespy – The music is brilliant – certainly among the best orchestral scores in gaming.