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Publisher: Audiosurf | Oculus Rift / HTC Vive / Windows Mixed Reality

Music composed by Winifred Phillips

Audioshield uses an advanced form of procedural generation to analyze music and put players at the point of impact for every heart-thumping beat. To maximize the power of the Audioshield procedural system, composer Winifred Phillips composed the new official Audioshield Theme to maximize the system’s powerful algorithm and deliver amazing moments of challenge and spectacle. During subdued passages, the colorful orbs glide in slowly. Then, as the music rises into great crescendos, the orbs begin flying at the player in rapid rhythmically synced flurries of awesome color and exploding light. The music is composed and mixed with carefully sculpted crescendoes and rhythmic passages targeting specific EQ frequency ranges. These frequencies were designed to interact most dramatically with the algorithm of the game's procedural music system.